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Boksa Marine Design, Inc. Delivers Workhorse Boat

April 27, 2011

Many boat designs arise when people need real solutions for real needs.  Recently, Boksa Marine Design was contracted to help one Canadian client address his specific boat needs.

Needed: A WorkBritish Columbia Boathorse Boat
The client owns a cabin located on an island well off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.  In order to deliver supplies and lumber to his cabin, the client needed a tough and reliable vessel.  The boat would need to be able to handle rough water and would need to provide shelter from the elements during commutes.

First, Nick Boksa worked with the client and the client’s builder, Workskiff of Washington State, to understand the boat’s intended uses.  What were the conditions the boat would be used in?  How often would the boat be used?  What capacity of supplies were to be transported?  Were there other elements to consider such as fishing or cruising?

From there, Boksa set to work designing a 23 foot aluminum boat with walk-around cabin.  The concept was to build a dependable and durable workhorse boat that could stand up to continual use in normal to possibly severe conditions.

The boat’s solid structure allows it to face the demanding conditions of the British Columbia waterways.  The walk-around cabin offers protection from cold and rain.  The entirety of the boat’s design is built to exacting specifications enabling is to handle all work and weather related conditions.

At Boksa Marine Design, we help clients find solutions to their needs and wants.  For some clients, the need is a workhorse boat, a refit of an existing vessel or an engineering overhaul.  For other clients, it’s working with them from the ground up on designing a 120 foot pleasure yacht.

Contact Boksa Marine Design today to find out how we can help you with your next design need.


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