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Wall Street Insiders Still Enjoying Their Yachts

April 28, 2011

There is an old Wall Street story that the big boys like to share.  A young hedge fund trainee is taken to the marina. “Here”, says his boss, “are all the partners’ yachts – and over there are the yachts of the bankers who lend to us.”  The naive youth replies: “But where are the customers’ yachts?” Couple on Yacht

It’s a good rib tickler that helps highlight the fact that there is money – and a lot of it – floating around the yachting industry.  In what is still considered to be a down economy, there are plenty of existing and potential yacht owners who are active in the market.

These owners are actively upgrading and refitting their current yachts.  They are working with their crew or brokers to purchase pre-owned boats.  And there are certainly many who are working closely with designers and builders to create the yacht of their dreams.

In the world of high finance, there are investors, hedge fund directors, traders and other Wall Street insiders who have both the capital and the active interest to engage builders with new projects.  For some owners, whether individual of corporate, the purpose of yachting is simply seen as an investment.  For others, it’s a showpiece akin to a new yellow Ferrari.  But for most, it’s the achievement of a long held dream.  “I’ve always loved the water – now I have the time and the money – and I want to reward myself for my hard work.”

At Boksa Marine Design, Inc., we say enjoy yourself and enjoy your boat.

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