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How To Find A Yacht Designer

May 3, 2011

One question that permeates the yachting industry is “how do I find a yacht designer?”

This is a question that is asked by first time boat owners as well as by long-time yachting enthusiasts.

For those yacht owners with existing designer & builder relationships within the industry, there are many reasons why they may be looking to work with a new yacht designer.

Those reasons include:

  • They are seeking someone to refit an existing design
  • They want to see what other designers have to offer
  • They want to take advantage of new innovations or evolutions in design
  • They have established new relationships with Captains, Brokers or Builders

Also, the designer with whom they had a relationship is now:

  • Retired
  • No longer working within the same design firm
  • Is not currently accepting new projects
  • Is utilizing design principles that not longer mesh with current needs

The design and building of a yacht is a massive undertaking.  Like any large scale, high investment project, all of the details of the design & build need to be planned for proper execution.

The foundation for projects like these starts with information gathering.  Owners want to be assured that they are sourcing the best possible designer for their project.

Whether it is the owner or his representatives, finding a new yacht designer begins with the following:

  • Talking with your captain or crew
  • Working with a respected yacht broker
  • Working closely with a boat or ship building firm
  • Getting Word of Mouth recommendations from business associates and those within your network
  • Asking questions at your local marina
  • Perusing industry trade publications & websites including Show Boats InternationalSuper Yacht Times, and Yachting World among many others.
  • Yes – doing a Google Search

You can also contact associations including:
The American Boat and Yacht Council
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

At Boksa Marine Design, we know that the first step in achieving your vision of the perfect yacht begins with finding the right design firm.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance.


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