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Interesting Yacht Related News, Stories and Articles

May 12, 2011

As we skim the internet, our Twitter feeds, blogs and industry news sites we come across news, stories and articles that we find interesting – and assume you might too.

In this blog post, we share some of them with you.

Here is one great article about Bill Zinser, captain of the 281′ Cakewalk megayacht.  A similar article outlines the production of the yacht itself (done by Derecktor).  Grab a cup of coffee and clear the decks, these articles should be enjoyed when you have some time.

Still a fascinating read that you should bookmark on your home computer, this article breaks down America’s 100 Largest Yachts.  This is a great list to reference every so often if you enjoy keeping current with the superyacht industry.

Cautionary tale?  How not to sink your $1 Million Fishing Boat and what can be done about it in this particular harbor.

Boat Negotiation Strategies / DIY articles like this are always of value.  These boat negotiation tips are really geared for pleasure boats and fishing boats in the sub 50′ foot range – and typically ones where the owners themselves will be doing the negotiating of the purchase price.  But it’s good solid advice for anyone going through the process of purchasing a used boat.

Speaking of Doing It Yourself (DIY), here is a spotlight on a English farmer who spent 20 years building his 36′ ketch.

Insight into what will be the world’s 5th largest superyacht! Topaz, the 482′ superyacht being built by Lurssen, is quite a sight to see.  The vessel is still undergoing construction, but you can see a sneak preview here.

In the market for a superyacht?  Try London’s upscale department store Harrods for auctions on some very impressive yachts.

Want to know where yacht sales are spiking and who will drive the near future in new yacht building?  It’s the Chinese Super Rich!

Other sites of interest / 2 websites to visit / great yacht related products:

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