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What is Yacht Carbon Offsetting?

July 18, 2011

An increasingly popular approach to “going green” within the yachting industry is the concept of Carbon Offsetting. As more owners, builders, marinas and charter companies explore ways to lessen the impact of large marine vessels on the environment, there are new options available to them.

What is Yacht Carbon Offsetting?  Yachts Go Green

Very simply, Carbon Offsetting is a process for lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

A carbon offset is a trade off; when carbon emissions occur in one place (i.e. from engines of superyachts), credits or ‘offsets’ can be purchased to help eliminate carbon emissions in other places.

These offsets help fund programs that reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, including:

  • wind farms
  • hydroelectric dams
  • energy efficiency projects
  • the destruction of industrial pollutants or agricultural byproducts
  • destruction of landfill methane
  • forestry projects

The practice of Carbon Offsetting within the yachting and greater marine industry is a voluntary decision. This option has gained appeal because of the concern that private individuals and companies have about potentially negative environmental effects of energy intensive lifestyles.

What are the main benefits of Yacht Carbon Offsetting?

  • Helping to lessen the impact of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • Good public relations for owners and other service providers
  • Personal and corporate responsibility

How you can go about Yacht Carbon Offsetting?

The leading provider of carbon offsetting programs within the yachting industry seems to be Yacht Carbon Offset. They offer their services to owners, builders and shipyards as well as to others interested in balancing the use carbon dioxide emission throughout the world.

The management of a program is relatively simple. There is no operational impact for a yacht and no need for additional technology

From their website, Yacht Carbon Offset offers an explanation of how carbon offsetting works for yachts.

Where else is Carbon Offsetting being offered within the industry?

Some charter yachts, including Latitude, a 170 foot megayacht, are now offering carbon offsetting programs.

BWA Yachting, a concierge and marine services agency, has also incorporated this service.

And Marina Barcelona 92, a shipyard and marina, offers a carbon offsetting program for its superyacht clients.

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