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Yachts Become More Efficient, More Green

July 26, 2011

Luxury superyachts have never had a reputation for being green. While designers and builders have certainly made yachts increasingly efficient over the years, it wasn’t until the last decade or so that the term green became commonplace within the industry.

Now, green or eco-friendly is a common theme among designers, especially when they’re pushed by the owners of the boats. Most superyacht owners of today are eco-conscious. With some owners this is  an individual ideology and with others its due to public relations appearances and outside pressures.

Regardless of the reason, the movement toward more efficient and more green yachts is positive for everyone.

The ways in which yachts have been engineered to be more green is numerous, but more efficient design has been influenced by:

  • Yachts Going Greensolar power
  • hybrid engines
  • reducing dependence on traditional fuel sources
  • concern for harmful emissions
  • hydroelectric generators
  • renewable or recyclable materials

A yacht like the PJ World Superyacht (pictured above) is an example of a design project that, from the outset, was created to be a more eco-friendly vessel.

Other top eco-friendly luxury yachts, like the PJ World Superyacht, can be seen at the

The advancements made on these vessels is amazing. Different builders incorporate different approaches based on the owner’s wishes and the vessel mission.

A boat like the Independence 60, for example, was created to have zero fossil fuel dependence.

From the interesting viewpoint of a builder, Huckins Yacht of Jacksonville Florida shares how their design and engineering approach play a key role in creating more operationally efficient yachts.

Here at Boksa Marine Design, we also carefully consider the impact of our designs on the environment and can provide solutions for any owners or builders seeking to lessen the impact of their vessel.

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  1. July 26, 2011 6:19 pm

    We are so happy to be included in this great article. In today’s eco-friendly world it is so important that we incorporate our knowledge of energy efficiency into all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to modes of transportation. For more on Huckins Yachts visit our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @HuckinsYacht.

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