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Pneumatic Breakwater System Helps Make Tender Transfer Easier and Safer

August 11, 2011

In a news release from June 2011, SuperyachtTimes shared news that engineer and inventor Jean-Marc Beynet had developed an innovative pneumatic breakwater system to reduce the swell around a superyacht. It was created to assist tender operations, making it easier and safer to transfer guests from the superyacht to the tender.

Pneumatic Breakwater System

Image courtesy of the website

This pneumatic breakwater system uses bubble technology to lessen the swell amplitude, thereby calming the water immediately around the smaller vessel as it transfers people to the larger vessel. Jean-Marc Beynet refers to this as “making the sea quiet.”

Guest transfers from smaller vessels and tenders to larger vessels (like ferries, cruise ships and superyachts) can often be a challenge whe

n heavy wind and seas impact the stability of the smaller vessel. The actual transference of guests can be impacted causing potential guest injury and ship damage.

Beynet’s company offers two solutions that provide the pneumatic breakwater system. The first is device is DAHET, which attaches to or is part of the larger vessel. The second device, ATAP, would be engineered for use on wharves.

For superyachts the DAHET device can provide solutions for tender doors, floatable platforms and even sea terraces. The DAHET device can be attached to the hull of existing ships and can be engineered to most larger vessels as they are going through the design process.

To see the pneumatic breakwater system in action, see the video below. Inventor Jean-Marc Beynet speaks with a heavy French accent, but if you have four minutes to watch the video it is quite compelling.

Video courtesy of

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