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Considering Yacht Tenders

August 16, 2011

For luxury yacht owners, yacht tenders are an integral feature of the yachting lifestyle. They are enjoyable to operate by the owner and they give a certain freedom of movement and exploration that the larger yacht does not afford. The tender’s uses are multi-faceted and nearly limitless.

Yacht tenders can serve many purposes, including:

Yacht Tender Image

Photo courtesy of Navis Yacht Charter

  • transporting people
  • moving goods and supplies
  • use as a pleasure craft
  • use as a recreational toy – fishing, water skiing, diving, etc.
  • deployment as an expeditionary vehicle

Unless they have multiple tenders with specific uses (and many yacht owners do), most owners prefer a craft that is versatile and adaptable to multiple uses.

Beyond versatility, owners have many options to explore when choosing a tender. Those options begin with some simple questions:

  • How will the tender be used?
  • how many people will it need to carry?
  • what are the weight, height and length requirements?
  • will the tender be housed on deck or in a tender garage?
  • what systems will be required to get the boat on deck or into a garage?
  • what sea conditions will the tender be used in?

And beyond determining the usage requirements, owners will also want to consider the styling of their tenders.

Will the tender need to have the elegant and complementary styling of the mother vessel? Will the owner seek to extend a completely different look and feel to the tender? Should the tender be purchased or will it need to be designed and engineered?

Most designers will be happy to help craft a yacht tender that fits the vision that the owner carries.

If the tender is being designed in association with a larger vessel, the yacht designer and the builder will certainly be collaborating with the owner to determine the need and want requirements of the vessel. Naturally, the design of the larger vessel will need to be able to incorporate the small vessel.

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