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Hurricane Irene News Updates: Marinas Recommended Boat and Yacht Owners Remove Their Vessels

August 29, 2011

Prior to Hurricane Irene coming ashore on Friday and throughout the weekend, marinas across the East Coast recommended that owners of boats and yachts find safer mooring for their vessels.

Natural disasters, especially hurricanes bringing high wind and water, can have tremendous negative impact on marine vessels that are parked in marinas. Boats and yachts can be smashed together and vessels can be flooded. Flying objects tend do the most harm to boats. Anything that can be lashed down or stored away should be.

Below are news updates from various communities and yachting clubs across the East Coast. They help to show how the media and other organizations get the message out in advance of a major storm.

Update from CNN:  Floodwaters Surge as Tropical Storm Irene Lashes Northeast

From the South Shore of New Jersey:  Marinas Push To Get Boats Out of Water Before Irene

From Morningstar Marinas with locations in FL, GA, SC, NC, and VA:  “Hurricane Irene may affect several of our coastal marinas. Please contact your marina for further details.”

From the coast of Maine:  Maine Prepares as Mighty Storm Progresses

From the Virgina coast:  Local Marina Bracing for Hurricane Irene

From the Raritan Yacht Club in Perth Amboy, NJ: “This one must be taken seriously by our members.”

From the Annapolis Yacht Club of Annapolis, MD: Precautions and recommendations for securing your vessel.

From Newport, RI Bucket Regatta Cancelled Due to Hurricane Irene

City of New Rochelle, NY: New Rochelle Get Ready for Hurricane Irene

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